Friday, March 13, 2009

On Australia's obsession with the Simpsons.


Ahh..The Simpsons.

I owe all of my knowledge of History and Literature to that cartoon. I count myself among its fans, having watched every episode to air on Australian TV as well as having the first two seasons boxed. I used to watch the Simpsons religiously. Why? Because its there. Its everywhere.

Seriously. The Simpsons have must be nearing the 500 episode mark, and channel 10 air them every night, and they have been for as long as I remember. Even before their three hundredth episode (which was entitled I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can) network 0 were still crankin' out eps daily. Do the math: one Simpsons episode a day, minus Saturday, plus the weekly Simpson's hour. That's eight episodes a week or four hours of everyone's favourite family. Why does the Simpsons dominate this time slot? Is it like this in other countries? Please, if you're not Australian, save me a trip down wiki road and leave your country's weekly Simp-schedule in the comments.

I'm not complaining about it, as I said, I love the Simpsons.

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