Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Dividing Line

I consider myself liberal. Yet so many times I find my heart swaying down the conservatives lane. Take abortion, I don't want the fetus to "die", but I want people to be free to make the choice. Who am I to say what one can or cannot do? Abortion should be a service, free to anyone, albeit not used by everyone. If I ever impregnated anyone, I hope (I cannot say for sure until I'm in the situation) that I would wish her to keep it. Though, in the end, the choice lays with the woman. I digress from my tangent as always to get back to my point. Why is it called Pro-Choice OR Pro-Life? That implies that its life or the alternative (ie death). I want people to have the choice, and my personal choice is for my hypothetical fetus not to be taken from this world. Is that so much to ask?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spine Cracking

I've recently read the Twilight series. They are all fairly big books, the smallest of which is still a good three hundred pages. Yet I look upon them now and see them undamaged. To the contrary, I'm also reading Mein Kampf, its around six hundred pages, but smaller than the largest of the Twilights. I'm currently at page two hundred, and the spine is cracked to oblivion. I eventually drew the graph below, using the formula of:
T x W = X
X= Spine cracking level
T= Book thickness (page count)
W= Word Heaviness

Basically, if the book is a decent number of pages (T) and it takes a while to read the words on the page (W) then the rate of spine cracking (X) will be small.